What does diffusing your hair do?

What does diffusing your hair do?

If you’ve only used a traditional blow-dryer in the past to dry your wet hair, you’re missing out! Diffusing your hair with a tool such as the GentleStyle Brush or a diffuser attachment in combination with a blow-dryer offers several benefits. It’s an ideal drying technique for women with any hair type, length, and texture, but especially for those who have thin locks or are experiencing hair loss. But what does diffusing your hair do? Glad you asked. Keep reading as we cover the top three benefits of this popular hair-drying method.

What does diffusing your hair do? A breakdown

1. Boosts lift, volume & texture

Since this drying technique diffuses hot air flow, your natural hair can become wavier/curlier, look fuller, and have added texture. No matter your hair type, you can create voluptuous hairstyles without breaking the bank. The GentleStyle Brush is built with a patented finger shape design that promotes extra body and lift in the hair root. It’s easier than ever to amp up the volume of your hair while creating natural-looking curls, beach waves, or straighter locks. For convenience, you can pair the brush with any blow-dryer brand. With the outer casing on, the innovative vents direct the air from the blower to where you want it to go. 

2. Minimizes dry time & heat damage

Instead of blowing hot air in one specific area, the GentleStyle Brush evenly distributes the air through its numerous vents for faster drying time. It provides optimum airflow control while reducing the effects of heat damage, which is common when using traditional blow-dryers. With the user-friendly GentleStyle Brush, you can dry and style your hair in minutes. It’s perfect for both beginners and professionals. Heat styling with straightening or curling/crimping irons can cause damage to your hair and burn your skin. Your hair may become brittle, dry, and dull over time. Lessen the risk of damage with our unique volumizing hair tool.

3. Defines natural curls/waves for all hair types & can reduce frizz

The GentleStyle Brush can help to define natural curl patterns while minimizing the chances of frizz that may develop throughout the day. Use mousse, gel, or curl cream before diffusing for the best results. If you have flat or straighter hair naturally, diffusing can create beautiful beachy waves or add lift where you need it. Since a diffuser can effectively scatter hot air across your hair, it prevents the drying and roughening up of hair cuticles and strands. It allows you to dry your hair in a controlled, more convenient environment than air drying. With proper use, create the voluminous, bouncy hairstyles you want without the annoying frizz.

Now that you know the answer to what does diffusing your hair do, try out this drying technique for yourself and experience the difference. The GentleStyle Brush is a 4-in-1 multifunctional hair tool that works as a diffuser, brush, and styling device that allows you to achieve salon-like hair anytime, anywhere. With FREE U.S. shipping and a 30-day return policy, get yours today!

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