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The GentleStyle Brush

a gentle volumizing hair diffuser brush and multifunctional innovative gentle hair care solution.

  • Salon-like hair anytime, anywhere

    Amp up the lift and volume of your hair while creating natural-looking curls, beach waves, or straighterlocks. Pair the brush with any hair dryer brand. With the outer casing on, the innovative vents direct the air from the blower to where you want it to go. Remove the outer casing for easy hair brushing and detangling.

  • Premium quality for lasting use

    Designed using meticulous craftsmanship, this volumizing hair tool is made of durable polypropylene plastic. It can withstand daily exposure to heat, won’t break or crack easily, and is top-rack dishwasher safe. This means that it won’t need to be regularly replaced like other brushes do.

  • Save valuable time & effort

    With this user-friendly brush, dry and style your hair in minutes. It’s perfect for both beginners and professionals. You can even use it to distribute products like hair serum or dry shampoo, massage your scalp and detangle wet hair.

  • Chic hair without the high price tag

    Not only is this multifunctional tool affordable, but it eliminates the need for multiple irons, diffuser attachments, and other brushes/combs.

  • Lightweight & space saving for travel

    Take it anywhere with you. It’s a portable and compact volumizing hairbrush that will use up minimal space in your suitcase compared to bringing multiple tools.

  • Minimal damage, maximum volume

    Heat styling with straightening or curling/crimping irons can cause damage to your hair and burn your skin. Your hair may become brittle, dry, and dull over time. Lessen the risk of damage with this volumizing hair tool.

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GentleStyle Brush In Action

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