GentleStyle Brush

New multifunctional innovative hair styling brush for gentle hair care.

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  • Before

    Enhance your hair care routine with our gentlestyle brushes - achieve salon-quality results from home.

  • After

    Transform your styling routine and see the difference in hair texture post-use of our GentleStyle brush for beautiful results.

Our Story

At CLM Creations, we love healthy hair as much as we love helping you achieve it with our GentleStyle Brush. It’s a multifunctional hair tool that massages your scalp, evenly distributes products, detangles without stress, diffuses using any hair dryer, and volumizes thin hair. Invented by our Founder/CEO and breast cancer survivor, Cherie L. Monson, this volumizing diffuser hair brush is specially designed to help you achieve professional-looking results with minimal hair damage.

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Hair Talk

Enhance your styling routine with insights from our Hair Talk Blog. Learn how to use the GentleStyle Brush like a pro.