My Story

CLM CREATIONS was founded by Cherie L. Monson, a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to innovative hair tools. Her journey began 15 years ago when she transitioned from permanent waves to coloring her hair. In her quest to recreate her wavy hairstyle, Cherie discovered a volumizing diffuser attachment that added volume to her thin, straight hair. However, she struggled to replicate the look while traveling without lugging around her heavy hair dryer and clunky diffuser. This challenge sparked the idea: “How can I replicate the results of a diffuser without the hassle?”

After ten years of perfecting a travel-friendly volumizing diffuser hairbrush, Cherie applied for a patent. Inheriting her late father's inventive spirit, she knew it was time to bring her creation to life. Then, a surprising breast cancer diagnosis in 2020 became a turning point. Determined not to be a victim, Cherie fought through radiation and a weakened immune system with resilience. This journey fueled her determination to launch CLM CREATIONS and manufacture her patented hairbrush.

During her recovery, Cherie faced hair thinning and breakage, which led her to discover that her new hairbrush could detangle gently and minimize further damage while adding volume. The GentleStyle Brush isn’t just another styling tool; it's a game-changer for hair lovers everywhere. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple tools—the GentleStyle Brush massages the scalp, evenly distributes product, detangles without stress, diffuses using any hair dryer, and volumizes thin hair, all in one sleek design.

Its unique finger-shaped design creates extra body and lift at the roots, ideal for those with thinning hair or pattern hair loss, making hair look thicker and more natural. It’s less damaging, easier to travel with, and doesn’t tangle hair while blow-drying like other brushes.

At CLM CREATIONS, integrity, kindness, and determination are at the core of everything we do. Our mission is to provide gentle styling solutions that empower individuals to feel confident and beautiful. Experience the transformative power of the GentleStyle Brush—we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!